Life Insurance

Like many insurance products, life insurance needs to be in place before you die. That may sound obvious, but do you know how many people think there is always more time? Like the person who gets into a car accident and calls the insurance agent after the accident and wants auto insurance? It’s unlikely that they will get that insurance since the accident has already occurred. Imagine a fire burns down your home and then you go to an insurance agent and try to get home owner’s insurance. Since the event has already happened the insurance company will more than likely not insure your house. Life insurance needs to be in place before it’s needed. Your health can affect the type of life policy you can get for yourself. The younger and healthier you are when you apply for your individual life policy the lower the cost should be for that life policy. At Accent Insurance, we work with you to find the Life policy that you want, to fill the needs you have – not just what someone wants to sell to you! Now is the time to put your life policy in place!

Basic Types of Life Insurance

Term Life Products – known as a temporary insurance, usually 5, 10 20 or 30 year time periods, low cost.

Universal Life Products – known as a permanent insurance, also more flexible than whole life, potentially builds cash value.

Whole Life Products – known as a permanent insurance, not as flexible as a Universal policy, builds cash value, stays in force as long as you continue to pay your premium.

Final Expense Products – known as a permanent insurance, builds cash value, usually between $5,000 to $50,000 death benefit amounts, minimal to no health questions, sometimes known as “easy issue” policies.

Single Premium Whole Life – SPWL, permanent insurance, usually purchased with a single premium, builds cash value, paid up insurance.

Accent Insurance Group can help you with any of these types of life insurance. We have over 100 different life companies available to us to help find the perfect policy to fit your needs!

Life Insurance Product Providers*

Northwestern, North American, Oxford Life, Allianz, Lafayette Life, Aviva, ING, Americo, Phoenix, Kansas City Life, Trans American, Banner and many more…

*not all plans offered in all counties