Annuities are insurance contracts between an individual and an insurance company which can allow your money to grow tax deferred and create an income stream that you cannot outlive.

Annuities used to be a word that was avoided by many insurance professionals. However, today it is one of the fastest growing investment vehicles. People looking for safety and income for life are now looking at annuities to help satisfy those needs.

At Accent, we offer two basic types of annuities: fixed & indexed. We are contracted with many different companies that offer options for both these products.

Fixed Annuities

These offer safety and a predictable rate of return for a certain time, similar to a bank CD. At Accent we are contracted with several “A” rated companies that offer fixed annuities for 1, 3, and 5 years or longer. We can help you protect your savings!

Indexed Annuities

These are similar to fixed annuities and have a guaranteed minimum rate of return but also allow the individual to participate in the market, realizing some of the gains in an up market but protecting your account and realizing no losses in a down market. Let us at Accent go over, in more detail, each of these products with you and see which one will fit your investment needs!

Annuity Product Providers*

Northwestern, North American, Oxford Life, Allianz, Lafayette Life, Aviva, ING, Americo, Phoenix, Kansas City Life, Trans American, Banner and many more…

*not all plans offered in all counties